Writing this book has been a truly eye-opening experience. We learned much from our discussions, research, engaging workshops, development of solutions and feedback from experts across the globe. We have come to truly appreciate artificial intelligence and the potential it has for a better future.

This book would not have been possible without the great encouragement of many people along the way. Thank you all for your motivation and support.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Manuela Ruf, Sharad’s girlfriend, for being an excellent sounding board and critique for our concepts to ensure ease of understanding for our non-technical audience.
  • Prakash Gandhi, Sharad’s father, who at the age of 97, has encouraged me by his interest in understanding the basic concepts of AI and related technology.
  • Lisa Ehl, Christian’s loving wife, for constantly reminding us to not let the bots take over.
  • Philip and Vincent Ehl, Christian’s children, whose generation will have to ensure that artificial intelligence will be used in a positive way for humanity and our planet.

Shannon Aziz has been a great help in tirelessly correcting and converting our writings into proper English, since both of us are non-native speakers. She has also helped us to get organized and coordinated all graphics and the publishing process. Thanks also to the graphics team at Hillert und Co., esp. Maral Mihankhah, who converted all our sketches into artwork which has helped greatly in easier understanding of our concepts and Roen Branham, who created the online version of this book.

It is great to be surrounded by so many intelligent people.

Sharad Gandhi & Christian Ehl

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