About the Authors

Christian Ehl
is an Internet activist and experienced entrepreneur with a passion for technology and how it transforms our lives and the way we do business. He is working to leverage Artificial Intelligence for a good future by working with various start-ups and corporations on AI projects. In addition to this, he is also involved in the Breakthrough Innovation work with the United Nations and the DO School. Christian is an active business angel and CEO of Hillert Interactive. He holds an electronics engineering degree from the Technical University of Munich and an MBA from Wake Forest University.


Sharad Gandhi is a technology philosopher and strategist for creating business value with digital technologies. By education, he is a physicist and electronics engineer and a marketing strategist by profession. He is a global citizen having lived and worked in Europe, USA and India for the best of companies – Intel, IBM, Siemens and Tata. In spite of being passionate about technology, he is aware and concerned about problems that technology creates. However, he believes that eventually technologies like the Internet, AI, robotics, biotech, genetics, new materials and Space will help create innovations and solutions for many of our global problems in environment, energy, inequality, poverty, health, and demography.

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