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AI is a complex and ever evolving topic. Due to its technical nature, the plethora of available news, articles, blogs, interviews, and videos can make it at times difficult to follow and make sense of. When approaching AI for your business, we recommend taking a staged approach, with a diverse group of people from different departments.

In our Demystifying AI workshops, we usually set out with a half day workshop. We begin by reviewing the main concepts and evolution as well as cover examples and look how AI can help in business. We also recommend looking at many examples for inspiration and understanding. Furthermore, we also contribute an outlook of where the technology might go. This brings everyone up to speed and serves as a strong common ground for the next stage.

Following this, a thorough process of ideation is recommended to identify concrete opportunities for your company. For this we usually allocate a full day, using design thinking methods to come up with ideas, and rate them along the company’s potential and goals. It makes sense at this stage to involve the relevant stakeholders, as a validation of ideas requires stakeholder buy-in. The later stages will require more resourcing and experiments, therefore you will want the responsible people on board early on.

Before you engage in concrete projects, we recommend that first validate the idea with experts and real customers. For this we often use the Google Venture SPRINT method, which allows you to validate big ideas in only 5 days ( This involves a team of people from your organization to spend 5 days following a well-defined method, that has been proven in over 100 projects. This has the team defining the long-term vision, drawing a systems map, gaining input from external experts, sketching various solutions, selecting the most promising approach, building a prototype and testing it with real users. Google Venture SPRINTs for AI are engaging and a fun experience for the whole team. We have found them to be the best approach to carrying out a fast but thorough analysis and discovering the right solution for your company.

All three stages build upon each other and ensure that the members of your organization are well aligned in maximizing the benefits of AI. We are happy to help you in developing the right way for your organization in AI. Simply contact us.

AI workshops by AI&U

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