What is This Book About?

A number of large companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Tesla, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, together with 1000s of innovative startups worldwide, are working tirelessly to develop the potential of AI and to offer the resulting benefits to businesses and customers. Their work is off the back of many years of groundbreaking AI research in universities and institutions around the world. Its progress and disruptive power is already, evident in a number of areas, from asking Siri to ?send a message to your spouse to autonomous driving. AI is radically transforming speech recognition, translation, spam mail detection, healthcare, and autonomous vehicles. AI is inevitable and will very soon become mainstream. The use of AI for future competitiveness and survival is becoming a must. Building AI focused products and services can and must start now. Those companies that took early advantage of digital technologies?—?like Sony cameras?—?have thrived, and those which did not?—?like Kodak?—?have perished. For most traditional businesses, developing and finalizing a robust business value proposition and a business model based on a new opportunity like AI is a challenging and difficult process. It often requires bold decision-making from top-level management since a number of organizational changes and Change Management are needed to transform a company from the status quo to one that is prepared for the future with a new business model based on new technologies.

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