Living with AI

In the last two decades, the Internet and smartphones have become increasingly integrated into our lives?—?having crept in, almost unnoticed, bringing significant benefits. We realize the enormous change they have created only when we look back and reflect. Similarly, AI will creep into our lives transforming our businesses and lifestyle in ways that we cannot yet imagine. It is important to remember that AI is not a human substitute but an excellent teammate with complementing skills. Humans and AI will learn to collaborate as teammates?—?each bringing their unique skills to create a winning combination.

Fig. 1.4 AI complements human skills

Jack Ma, Chairman, and CEO of Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, points out that artificial intelligence technologies are essential for humanity, but ultimately machines should not replace people. According to the entrepreneur, the technological community should prioritize developing solutions to make the robots do only what people can’t do. Thus, robots can become “human partners”, not opponents. He goes one further to even predicting the emergence of a Robot-CEO, “In 30 years on the cover of Time, as the best CEO of the year, we will probably see a robot; he remembers better than us, he considers us better than us, and will not argue with his competitors”

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