7. Part 1 – Concluding Remarks

Can machines be intelligent? Can machines learn? What can we do with intelligent machines? These are questions that have intrigued us for several decades. With AI becoming integrated into real applications during the last few years, quite a few answers are emerging. We have seen that the machines can learn in a manner quite comparable to humans. They can be labeled intelligent, i.e exhibiting cognitive capabilities of learning, decision making and problem-solving. AI with ML neural networks is at an early stage of development, addressing relatively narrow and very specific tasks. AI has been proven very capable in pattern recognition tasks, where the machine learns to accurately interpret patterns in images, video, sound etc. They make reliable decisions in areas like speech, object, and face recognition, language translations, medical diagnosis, scene descriptions and language understanding. The unique value of AI comes from automatically making better, faster and accurate decisions in areas which are not clearly defined by precise rules. All aspects of any business benefit from better decisions made faster, automatically, and inexpensively.

We have scratched only the surface of intelligence in this book. Intelligence ?—? as experienced in humans ?—? goes beyond decision making and problem-solving. Areas like creativity, insights, imagination, judgment, relationships, conscience and emotional intelligence are in a different domain. The connection between emotions and rational elements in decision making is quite complex and not yet understood. The intelligence of our brain has many more dimensions, and is far more potent than AI exhibited by machines today. It is interesting to speculate what could happen when we network thousands or millions of AI neural networks together, operating like one entity. Is that how our brain is structured, with different areas of the brain responsible for specialized tasks like speech, vision etc.? Another area pursued by researchers, including Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is interconnecting our brain with AI thus extending the capacity of our brain to seamlessly tap into AI for specific expertise in new languages or skills. Imagine being able to tap into the entire Google database directly and seamlessly from your brain ?—? as if all that knowledge were to reside in your brain.

In the second part of the book, we will use the newly gained insight into artificial intelligence and apply it to how to leverage it for your business.

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