13. Outlook

So, where do you think all of this is going to lead your company and you as an individual? From a year ago when we first began thinking about this book up until the very completion of it, the news and buzz surrounding AI has intensified even further. So has the availability of services, the breadth of the ecosystem and the sheer amount of ongoing AI projects. This paves the road towards an accelerated future.

In this book, we have focused on what’s possible today, why companies should engage now and what are good approaches and useful areas. From this we have seen how AI technologies are destined to become or to be integrated into every part, from the software you use to managing data sources to optimizing your processes to your products and services, AI is becoming pervasive. AI will help you make better decisions and become a key ingredient in your business activities. Based on this, we are likely to see quite an increase in productivity in combination with other technologies like robotics, sensors, materials, computing and connectivity. We may even witness an exponential increase in productivity, where AI plays a key role. Soon machines create the factories. Tesla is already working on this today. The question is, what will happen then, and what does that mean for your business?

“The future is more predictable than you think” are famous words uttered by Google’s chief futurist Ray Kurzweil. And this holds true for a lot of technology. We can imagine what autonomous vehicles will be like, how voice computing will change the user experience and interfaces and how human sensors will give us more insight into our health, to name a few areas. However, the predictions for artificial intelligence to reach or surpass human level intelligence are difficult to imagine.

With this said, the impact of the technology revolution will be hard to predict. How will it change our lives? What will we do if intelligent machines can do most of the work? What will be the role of humans in a super intelligent world? Will there be states or corporations? In the early days of the Internet, it was not foreseeable where the Internet would take us in such a short period of times. The impact of technology is immensely difficult to predict and we will not even attempt to predict what might happen when super intelligence has arrived. However, we have found a few interesting points of discussion, which we would like to summarize in four scenarios to give you some inspiration of what might happen.

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