Introduction Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the book. Let us warn you: AI is likely to come faster than you might think, and the impact on your business may be far greater than you can imagine today. In fact, as you are reading this, AI is already creeping into your business systems and software. And while you might be wondering how this can happen, several new AI start-ups are launching and fast competitors are disrupting your business. It is not the big robots, though they will also come, but it is in all the small stealth changes, making processes and tools more effective, adding new capabilities to businesses, that will threaten your business. In fact, as we are writing this, AI is going into every piece of software, making it better and faster and cheaper. This has happened in the consumer space with Virtual Assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Maps, Apple Photos, Facebook, which are now part of your everyday life. Software is eating the world and AI is eating software. And now industries will be disrupted. Welcome to a new world, where Artificial Intelligence is not only real and here to stay, but where leveraging AI will be a critical competitive factor for surviving in the future. Let us take you on a journey, and present a number of tools than can help you and your business survive and thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

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